Waupaca announces separate partnerships with Dotson, Kohler

AFS Corporate Member Waupaca Foundry Inc. (Waupaca Wisconsin), a Hitachi Metals company, announced it has entered into separate manufacturing agreements with fellow Corporate Members Dotson Iron Castings (Mankato, Minnesota) and Kohler Industrial Castings (Kohler, Wisconsin).

Per the announcement, Waupaca Foundry customers requesting horizontal molding will access Kohler’s and Dotson’s capabilities with a supply chain managed by Waupaca Foundry.

Waupaca Foundry operates 35 vertical molding machines nationwide, while both Dotson and Kohler recently installed new horizontal molding capacity. In a news release, Waupaca said “offering both horizontal and vertical molding capabilities provides casting buyers the flexibility to source suppliers to best suit their production needs.”

“These three companies have a strong reputation in our metalcasting industry and with our customers around the globe.  This alliance will support Dotson’s growth goals to serve new customers,” Dotson Iron Castings president and CEO Jean Bye said.

One benefit, according to the news release, is that the alliance creates a more sustainable supply chain for both foundries’ OEM and Tier I customers.

“Increasingly, our customers want the flexibility to source both vertically- and horizontally-parted iron castings with fewer suppliers,” said John Wiesbrock, executive vice president, Waupaca Foundry. “Buyers want to simplify their supply chain relationships and need reliable suppliers with proven track records such as Dotson, Kohler, and Waupaca Foundry.”

For Dotson and Kohler, the agreements will open new markets through Waupaca Foundry’s existing customer relationships.

“This new agreement maximizes the strengths of two great foundries with high standards for quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service,” said Mike Marbach, vice president of global kitchen products and industrial castings for Kohler Co. “We’re pleased to provide Waupaca customers with access to our new, state-of-the-art horizontal molding line and look forward to serving the needs of this diverse group moving forward.”