Buck Co. expands casting capabilities with Richmond Foundry LLC

AFS Corporate Member Buck Co. Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, The Dixon Group, has acquired Richmond Foundry, LLC, a 50-year-old AFS Corporate Member in Dayton, New Jersey, that produces high-quality brass and bronze sand castings. Richmond’s 40,000-sq.-ft. facility adds capacity and capabilities that will benefit both companies’ customers.  

Buck Co.’s nonferrous foundry will shift focus solely to aluminum casting production, while all brass and bronze casting work will move to Richmond Foundry. As part of the realignment, Buck Co. said it’s upgrading technology and automation in the nonferrous foundry to improve throughput and quality while also achieving better lead times and increased capacity for aluminum casting production. The company will continue to produce ductile and malleable iron castings in the ferrous foundry.   CS