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Metal Casting Design & Purchasing Announces Relaunch, New Name

Rich Jefferson

With the November/December relaunch of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing you will see a new magazine called Casting Source: The Leading Resource for the Metalcasting Supply Chain.

Casting Source, in print and online, will be a necessary tool in our efforts to more effectively reach the supply chain audience. Whether your job title is Casting Technical Steward, Commodity Specialist, Global Procurement Manager, Project Designer, Product or Design Engineer, or Supply Chain Manager, you are the valued reader.

If you visit us online, you will discover you can sign up for a subscription at no cost. Please check out www.castingsource.com and don’t miss the first edition of our brand-new magazine.

The online presence for Casting Source will be strong. Our Facebook page (@CastingSourceAFS) and Twitter account (@CastingSource) are constantly refreshed with the latest in metalcasting developments and trends. CastingSource.com will continue to be the place to go for insightful and well-written pieces to help you source castings.

We are not moving to digital-only. There are excellent reasons we’re keen on relaunching a hard copy magazine instead of deserting the battlefield of print and fully embracing having an online presence only.  

Research will show you, somewhat counterintuitively, Millennials like print magazines. We are committed to reaching this audience, and it would be questionable judgment for us to drop the print version now.

Magazine readers dig deeper into information because it’s print and they read it. This is a conscious and interactive behavior, unlike the more passive consumption of information we see with video, whether online or on other broadcast platforms.

We promise the writing, and therefore the reading, will be as good as we can make it. Our companion for metalcasters, Modern Casting, has won five awards in the past two years, four of them for writing. We’re bringing our “A” game to making it well-written and well-edited.

When you receive the first edition of Casting Source, you will see a new overall design. There will be new features and new columnists. We will have regular articles on AFS educational offerings for designers and buyers. Industry veterans and experts will explore making and buying better parts; reshoring has been highly effective in the past two years, and we will offer pieces on how purchasing agents can truly evaluate the real cost of offshore vs. domestic production.

Casting buyers will also provide insights for successful casting procurement for other professionals. Foundry personnel will illuminate key issues their customers could better understand, like lead times.

One new feature I am most anticipating is “NextGen Voices,” as it will feature younger personnel who are starting careers from all parts of the metalcasting supply chain.

See you with the November/December edition of the new and improved Casting Source magazine.

Click here to see this story as it appears in the September/October 2019 issue of MCDP.