Ryobi Die Casting, Inc. awarded by Honda

Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc. (Shelbyville, Indiana), a supplier of large complex aluminum die castings, was recognized for a third consecutive year late this summer with an Excellence in Quality & Delivery Award from Honda. As one of only 26 out of 735 OEM parts suppliers serving Honda with parts for mass production to be awarded, Ryobi ranks in the top 3.5% of Honda North America’s excellent supply base for quality and delivery. 

“Our suppliers make important contributions to Honda’s success and we are committed to highlighting their outstanding work despite not being able to hold our conference this year,” said Mark Willoughby, vice president of Purchasing at Honda of America Mfg., Inc. “We value the relationships we have with our suppliers and appreciate their efforts to help meet the needs of our customers.”

Ryobi Die Casting President Ryan Willhelm said; “It is truly an honor to receive this third consecutive Honda “Excellence in Quality & Delivery” award.  I want to thank all of our dedicated, hard-working associates, and our partners at Honda that make this possible.  We can all look with pride every time we see an award-winning Honda Accord on the road knowing that Ryobi Die Casting plays an important role to provide the Accord with reduced weight that increases fuel efficiency and driving performance.  Producing vehicle structural aluminum die castings that are both heat-treatable and weldable are a core competency at Ryobi and we’re glad to share that with Honda.  Our future looks bright by partnering with a great company like Honda.”