Kimura installs 4th furnace––with 1-ton capacity

A new Pillar Induction furnace with 1-ton melting capacity has been installed at AFS Corporate Member Kimura Foundry America, Inc. (Shelbyville, Indiana). The addition enables Kimura to meet customer demand for heavier casting parts, particularly in the construction, agricultural machinery, power generation, oil & gas, pump and compressor industries. The foundry also expects to improve pouring efficiency and casting turnaround thanks to the high-capacity furnace’s ability to pour multiple parts simultaneously.

The company began operating in November 2018 with three furnaces: two with 300-lbs. melting capacity and one with 500 lbs. Today, with four furnaces, Kimura can produce castings weighing a few pounds to 1700 lbs. The foundry is using its new Pillar to melt popular grades of gray and ductile irons, as well as steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and compact graphite iron. All its furnaces are connected to a furnace monitoring system for safety and stabilized operation.

Franklin Bronze Precision Components (Franklin, Indiana) has invested in a Peopoly Moai 130 Laser SLA 3D Printer to produce rapid prototype parts and short runs of investment castings. The Laser SLA 3D Printer is able to construct parts quickly and accurately with high precision and resolution. 

“The addition of this 3D printer to our facility allows us to quickly prove out design changes without needing to alter the tooling each time,” said Neil Kruse, senior IC process engineer. “For instance, making a gating change can be proved before cutting into the tool. 

“We are looking forward to working on trials and iterations for new and existing parts with our customers in a more efficient manner. Additionally, working with customers that have an intricately designed part.”