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Take a Look at the Numbers

Alfred Spada

We have the numbers for you.

U.S. metalcasting forecast data. Domestic census. Global casting production.

If you need information on the state of the domestic or global metalcasting industry, you will find much of what is available anywhere within this issue of Metal Casting Design and Purchasing (MCDP). This is our home-grown data that we utilize to better understand the industry in which we operate.  We are providing it so you can better understand one of your most critical supplier industries.

The U.S. forecast shows continued moderate growth for the next few years. Uncertainty in the oil, farming and mining markets is a cause for concern, while the automotive and various construction markets give us reasons to smile. With the diversity of end-use markets served by the metalcasting industry, an overall forecast almost always is a mixed bag.  The key for you as a buyer of castings is to understand the markets that are critical to your casting suppliers so you understand the implications of fluctuations

For our domestic census, the underlying theme is the diversity of casting capabilities present in the U.S. industry. The key when designing and sourcing metal castings is to marry the proper material with the correct process to unleash the power of metalcasting. The diversity in manufacturing capabilities makes this a difficult task. Rely on your existing suppliers for new components being developed.  They are the casting experts who can guide you on your design and sourcing decisions, even if they aren’t the ones that will ultimately produce the component.

The global census report paints the picture of the global supply chain for castings. The global sourcing dynamic has changed dramatically in the last five years as the belief that all casting production would leave North America for low-cost countries has now shifted to many wondering if North America is the low-cost global sourcing option for all castings. This census also provides comparative data for how countries have evolved in the last few years. With economic recovery different across the globe, the various casting markets reflect that trend.

While the high-level data in these reports won’t provide you with the whole story, it should be a good start.  Greater detail more specific to your end-markets and the types of castings you buy is often a necessity.  But the key is to secure the data so you better understand one of your critical supplier industries. Without that understanding, you may lose sight of your key metalcasters and, ultimately, your product quality.