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Count the Reasons for a Casting Conversion

Jiten Shah

An OEM’s decision to convert a 10-piece steel fabrication to a one-piece casting for an agriculture application came down to three needs: (1) a consistent and geometrically stable component; (2) a cosmetically appealing component; and (3) improved performance through increased strength. 

Produced by AFS Corporate Member Lethbridge Iron Works, the casting conversion saved the casting buyer thousands of dollars with overall part cost reduction after the foundry tooling cost was paid for.  Because the part—which is a mounting bracket on a planter’s fertilizer system—is visible on the equipment, the OEM wanted it to look nice and be streamlined for better fatigue life performance.  Tighter dimensions improved the fitment during assembly and enhanced the overall appearance of the system. The precise alignment resulted in better distribution of the fertilizer. Given the volume required of the bracket, the foundry tooling was easily justified.

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