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Make Sourcing Connections at ‘Cast in North America’

Shannon Wetzel

Supply chain challenges continue for manufacturers, and it’s no secret that engineered castings are among the components that are difficult to source.

In a recent video taken during the National Farm Machinery Show in February, attendees cited custom castings as a particular bottleneck.

“We had this level of challenge, maybe now it’s a little bit less, but we’re not out of the woods,” said Kurt Coffey, head of Case IH for North America, in the video published by Farm Journal. “It could be tracks one day, it could be tires the next day. We have a lot of very unique, high-value, custom castings, a heat-treated custom casting, that you can’t just go get, and it’s a very unique supplier.”

If you’re one of those manufacturers struggling to find more capacity for your cast components, the upcoming Metalcasting Congress 2023, held April 25-27 in Cleveland, Ohio, would be a worthwhile investment of your time. 

Put on by the American Foundry Society, Metalcasting Congress brings together individuals across the foundry supply chain, from suppliers to foundries to OEMs. Included is the “Cast in North America” pavilion—a dedicated space of North American foundries supplying engineered cast components. This is your chance to meet face to face with potential new casting sources, discuss in detail your needs and challenges, and receive immediate feedback. 

Visits with foundry exhibitors may yield new casting partners, as well as advice on design strategies for better part quality, manufacturing efficiency, and part inventory.

Along with the Cast in North America pavilion, four sessions specific to buyers and designers will be presented at the Casting Source Theater on the show floor. These sessions will cover reshoring, alloy selection, casting conversions, and quality. They are included in the Exhibits Pass. Visit www.metalcastingcongress.org to register.

In addition, you’ll want to be sure to attend a special session (also available with the Exhibits Pass) featuring a debate among experts on the virtues of additive manufacturing vs. casting vs. forging. 

See page 34 in this issue for more details on Metalcasting Congress 2023. In just a day and a half, you can significantly advance your casting source management and leave with dozens of ideas on how to streamline your applications. 

I look forward to seeing you there!   CS