Lawton Standard Co. expands again with Northern Iron & Machine Acquisition

The Lawton Standard Co. has recently added Northern Iron & Machine (NIM) located in St. Paul, Minn., to the Lawton Standard family as part of its expansion strategy. NIM produces and machines high-quality gray, ductile, and austempered iron castings up to 250 lbs. This adds to The Lawton Standard Co.’s offerings by both size and method. This will benefit both Lawton and NIM customers with expanded sourcing options.
“Northern Iron & Machine’s history goes back to 1906 when they first started serving the agricultural industries. They quickly advanced to serve more markets with malleable and ductile iron,” said Lawton Standard CEO Alex Lawton. “We appreciate their strong desire to meet customers’ expectations for quality and delivery and their commitment to continuous improvement. NIM utilizes modern and efficient equipment and is run by well-trained, dedicated workers. We’re eager to develop and grow from an interchange of knowledge and projects between NIM and all locations.”

Scott J. Hamlett, the retiring CEO of Northern Iron & Machine, added: “I’m excited to announce the sale of Northern Iron & Machine to The Lawton Standard Company. Lawton, with their expertise in the foundry industry, will be able to take NIM to the next level. Lawton has the resources necessary to improve operational efficiencies and technical abilities. Best of all, they’ll continue the culture of a close-knit family organization.”