Reduced inventory, Strain in Ag Casting Conversion

A sprayer boom support part for a piece of farming equipment ticked all the boxes for a casting conversion. A redesign would reduce part count and assembly, trim weight, and cut the per-piece cost while improving appearance and performance. AFS Corporate Member American Castings (Pryor, Oklahoma) cast the 150-lb. part in ductile iron grade 80-55-06 via the horizontal green sand casting process.


The sprayer boom support required inventory management and assembly of two weldments with 10 child parts each, as well as two castings, 16 bolts, and 16 washers. 


By converting the part to a single casting, the customer saw a 3.9% average per-station reduction in assembly time due to increased manufacturability. The new casting design also realized a 10% per-piece price savings, 20% weight reduction, and strain reductions between 43%-220%. The castings also provided an enhanced aesthetic appeal to the equipment.

american castings