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2021 Buyer-Designer Track Is Second to None

Doug Kurkul

The thousands of professionals who buy, specify and design parts are in many ways the under-appreciated heroes of the industrial supply chain. The designer and buyer work with the parts producers (including foundry representatives) to refine the specifications in order to achieve the best balance of part strength, endurance, finish and price. That explains why casting buyers and designers are engaged in continuous learning to always be at the top of their game.

When it comes to annual events for casting specifiers and designers, the gold standard is the annual Metalcasting Congress, presented by the American Foundry Society (AFS), which includes a Buyer-Designer Track. 
For the first time in the event’s 118-year history, the 2021 Metalcasting Congress is an all-virtual event. It runs live from April 12 through April 22, with online access to the sessions through mid-May. It is also an attractive investment. Your exhibit pass includes eight presentations designed for casting buyers and designers, as well as access to exhibits. Your pass costs just $20 for AFS members and $30 for nonmembers of the Society. 

Moreover, these are not just a series of Zoom calls. Metalcasting Congress 2021 is produced on a state-of-the-art platform offered by 6Connex. That means attendees will enjoy high production quality and an experience that resembles attending a world-class trade show. 
Andrew Halonen, the president of Mayflower Consulting, will present on “Trends in Reducing Weight in Metal Castings.” Opportunities for weight reduction abound, focused on material choice and smart designs. Andrew will elaborate on examples in iron and aluminum, current trends, and future opportunities for reducing weight in cast components.

The entire supply chain can leverage the inherent strengths of its product into a competitive advantage by embracing sustainability assessments based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Presenting will be Jeremy Lipshaw, who has written and conducted extensive research on this topic. 

Another timely topic during the Buyer-Designer Track will be flawless product launches. James Bohlen, advance quality engineer with Allison Transmission, will be the expert presenter. Separately, Andy Mastalir of C.A. Lawton Co. will present on “Working with Your Foundry in Design for Manufacturing.”

Among other highlights: Curtis Taylor of BRP Spruce Pine will present on “Finding a Solution with Lost Foam: An Aluminum Case Study.” Mark Mundell of Lethbridge Iron Works will discuss his company’s award-winning conversion of a steel fabrication to an iron casting. Dave Rittmeyer of Hoosier Pattern will discuss “3D Printing: From Prototype to Production.”

We look forward to seeing you on the Metalcasting Congress Buyer and Designer Track!     CS