July/August 2020

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EDITORIAL: What to Expect Going Forward
D. Kurkul
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Why Worry About a Parting Line?
D. Charbauski
RESHORING UPDATE: Driving Forces Behind a Tectonic Global Supply Chain Shift
H. Moser
SOURCING STRATEGIES: EV Tech Advancing Faster Than Predicted
R. Jefferson
DESIGN DETAILS: Process Competes With Direct to Metal Laser Sintering
J. Shah
Casting Call: Part Plays Lead Role Then Pays for Itself: A five-piece fabricated prototype part was eating up 30 minutes per piece in welding labor, which wasn’t too smart for the genius concept one manufacturer envisioned. But the ‘ah-ha’ decision to make it a casting poured on almost instant ROI and nearly $100K in annual savings.
K. Phelan
Strategies for Diecasting Prototyping: While today’s most common diecasting process is the high-pressure diecasting technique, when die cast prototypes are needed,
other casting methods are often used.
L. Cordaro
Diecasting 101: Is one of the most common casting methods a good choice for your part?
Casting Source Staff
Study Examines Aluminum Rotors Poured in 3D Printed Molds: Results indicate up to 26 cast rotors could be made economically via 3D printed mold.
F. Chiesa, D. Levasseur, G. Marin, F. Lanicot, L. Guimard, and J. Baril
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