November-December 2014

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Design Details: Part Consolidation Makes Lost Foam Attractive
Purchasing Points: Defect Analysis - What Is Your Role?
Sprint to the Finish: Rapid manufacturing methods streamline low volume production.
D. Kapel
Complex Challenge, Rapid Response: Thanks to streamlined simulation, tooling, casting and machining capabilities, an intricate water passage went from purchase order to prototype in just 17 days.
N. Leider
Investment Casting Metal Matrix Composites: The design freedoms inherent in investment casting help keep aluminum metal matrix composites cost effective.
P. Mikkola and B. Willson
Sand Supply: Cause for Concern?: Necessary for a majority of casting and coremaking operations, sand is a vital material for the industry. Take a closer look at various supply and demand issues that could impact the price of your metal castings.
D. Jablonski and N. Leider
Choosing Between Permanent Mold & Diecasting: The metal molds used in diecasting and permanent mold casting help drive cost, material choice and casting soundness, but each process offers unique advantages.
S. Wetzel
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