November/December 2023

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The Casting That Turned Boating Upside Down: A revolutionary concept in marine engine design called for a special kind of front housing casting that took equal parts of designer and foundry ingenuity and collaboration to pull off.
K. Phelan
Supply-Chain Strategies for the 2020s: Just-in-time manufacturing is on ‘life-support’ according to expert Dennis Unkovic.
Casting Source Staff Report
Year in Review: Casting Source shares some of the top metalcasting industry news, events, and announcements of the year as reported in the magazine.
Casting Source Staff
EDITORIAL: Another Year of Investments
S. Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Understanding the Tooling You Buy
D. Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: Turning to Investment Casting for Near-Net-Shape Features
J. Shah
RESHORING UPDATE: Cutting Drug Abuse, Saving Lives, and Reshoring
H. Moser
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