September/October 2022

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Ticket to a Leak-Proof Casting: A fuel cell manufacturer had to act fast to convert an aluminum enclosure to a casting that would meet an international dust- and water-proofing standard. Luckily, they discovered a foundry where speed and high-quality prototyping are standard fare.
K. Phelan
New Ductile Cast Iron Digital Grades for Auto Components: Research demonstrates that new cast iron materials can be developed—aided by an expert digital twin (manufacturing twin) and model predictive controls developed based on artificial intelligence tools.
Setting Expectations Through Specifications: Communicating clear requirements for a part using technical standards is a crucial part of the sourcing process.
AFS Institute
EDITORIAL: Avoiding "Cake Fails"
S. Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Continuing the Foundry Selection Process
D. Charbauski
RESHORING UPDATE: Companies Ramp-Up U.S. Investment and Reshoring Amid Continued Global Supply
Chain Crisis
H. Moser
DESIGN DETAILS: Saving Soil by Lightweighting With ADI
J. Shah
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