November/December 2019

November/December 2019
November/December 2019: Click for the full digital edition of the November/December 2019 issue.
EDITORIAL: Hello World, Casting Source Is Here
S. Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Why Can’t I Get My Castings Tomorrow?
D. Charbauski
RESHORING UPDATE: Reshoring: A Corporate Decision-Making Shift
H. Moser
DESIGN DETAILS: Vacuum Process Cuts Costs by 80% Over Machined Billet
J. Shah
CASTINGS WHERE YOU ARE: Cast Iron Cookware: No Kitchen Is Complete Without It
BEFORE & AFTER: Swing Frame Highlights Strengths of Casting Process
NEXT GEN: Reducing Cost
DESIGNER'S SKETCHPAD: Designing for Draft
SHAKEOUT: Cast Registers Combined Functionality, Art
7 Questions to Ask Your Casting Source: Narrow down the search for a new foundry with these questions.
A Casting Source Staff Report
When to Choose Casting: This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of casting and other processes.
A Casting Source Staff Report
Handling Surcharges: Math and accurate data are keys to getting buyers and casting suppliers on the same page.
S. Yener
Purchasing Points for OEMs: Advice from a senior quality engineer highlights ways to make the most out of your casting supplier relationship.
R. Mueller
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