July/August 2022

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Working in a Vacuum: A New York foundry used the V-process to suck big cost and assembly hassle out of a part used in an OR medical system.
K. Phelan
Dimensional Tolerances of 3D-Printed Sand Cored Iron Castings: An AFS research study explored quantifying tolerances with 3D sand-printed cores to start the process of adding this method to the ISO8062 standard.
T. Nooyen and J. Shah
Design of Structural Aluminum Castings: This article is an excerpt from the new book, “Aluminum Castings for Structural Applications.”
M. Sahoo and D. Weiss
Powerful Prototypes: Four examples of successful prototypes using casting ingenuity show the opportunities when designer and metalcaster work together.
Casting Source Staff
EDITORIAL: Parts Buyers Play Key Role in Supply Chain
D. Kurkul
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Beginning the Foundry Selection Process
D. Charbauski
RESHORING UPDATE: Government Initiatives Spurring Reshoring
H. Moser
DESIGN DETAILS: Precision Sand Casting Improves Military Marine Part
J. Shah
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