March/April 2024

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Foundries and the Evolution of Sustainable Manufacturing: Stakeholder demand for documented sustainability progress will only increase going forward.
B. Esch
Flying Under the Radar: Unseen but indispensable, castings in the aerospace sector are held to more scrutiny and documentation than most others.
K. Phelan
Alternative Solution for Asbestos Roofing: How one foundry had its roof safely covered and sealed rather than abated.
Staff Report
Sign Up For The Unrivaled 2024 Metalcasting Congress: Nonstop knowledge exchange and networking on a grand scale.
K. Phelan
EDITORIAL: Behind the Scenes
K. Phelan
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Quality, Technical Checklist for a Prospective Foundry
D. Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: Simulation Keeps Design Real and Optomized
J. Shah
RESHORING UPDATE: Structural Shift Makes China Sourcing Risky Business
H. Moser
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