September/October 2018

September/October 2018
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EDITORIAL: Talk to Your Supply Chain
S. Wetzel
DESIGN DETAILS: Pumped Up Features a Go With 3D Printed Patterns
J. Shah
MARKETING MIND: Seneca Shows Way for Manufacturing Day
R. Jefferson
COLLEGE CONNECTION: From Student to Employee Through College Industry Conference
Surcharges and What They Mean for Buyers & Sellers: To explore how and why surcharges show up on invoices, several metalcasters were surveyed about their pricing policies.
P. McCrevan
Specifying In-Process Weld Rework: In-process weld rework during finishing of as-cast surfaces on many kinds of castings is widely misunderstood by casting materials engineers, manufacturing engineers and inspectors.
M. Gwyn, K. Sturgill, D. Weiss
How Properties Vary Throughout A Casting: Mechanical properties can vary throughout a casting and a study shows why that’s OK.
F. Chiesa, J. Carignan, D. Levasseur, G. Marin, M. Jutras
Case Studies in Green Sand Casting: The common process allows casting designers the freedom to achieve many different parts via an evolving method of production.
An MCDP Staff Report
Choosing the Iron That Is Right For You: To achieve the best casting for a particular application at the lowest cost consistent with the component’s requirements, it is necessary to have an understanding of cast iron specifications.
An MCDP Staff Report
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