January/February 2020

January/February 2020
January/February 2020: Click for the full digital edition of the January/February 2020 issue.
EDITORIAL: The More You Know, the Better You Are
R. Jefferson
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Fitting the Casting to the Foundry
D. Charbauski
SUPPLY STRATEGY: 4 Ways to Coordinate Your Supply Chain
W. Crane
DESIGNER'S EDGE: When It’s Difficult to Get Started
M. Gwyn
DESIGN DETAILS: Boat Engine Benefits From Smart Casting Design
J. Shah
CASTINGS WHEREVER YOU ARE: Castings Will See You at the Dentist
BEFORE & AFTER: Benefits of Casting Realized Following Switch From Fabrication
SOURCING Q&A: Cutting Your Supplier’s Defect Rate
DESIGNER'S SKETCHPAD: Hot Spots and Sharp Corners
SHAKEOUT: Constance Finds Passion in Sculpting
U.S. Foundry Industry Snapshot: A 1% growth in casting sales is expected for the U.S. metalcasting industry.
A Casting Source Staff Report
When is a Casting Returnable?: Nearly every casting has an irregularity. While most don’t cause a part to fall out of specification, some can be significant enough to send the casting back to the foundry.
J. Cook
Should You Cast It?: 7 considerations for casting conversions.
A Casting Source Staff Report
Engineered for Value: Investment casting offers incredible design freedom, but the design must make best use of its benefits to be cost effective.
S. Wetzel
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