July/August 2018

July/August 2018
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Editorial: 3D Printing Is for Cast Parts, Too
S. Wetzel
Design Details: Switching to Ductile Iron Means Thinner Walls, Lighter Hydrant
J. Shah
Marketing Mind: How Foundries Are Changing Perceptions
R. Jefferson
By The Law: Differences Between Patent and Competition Laws
D. Resser
College Connection: FEF Schools Participate in AFS Birmingham Casting Competition
Taking Off: A foundry teamed with a local patternmaker to create a rocket engine casting with a new alloy and challenging gating.
B. Sandalow
What Impact Will 3D Metal Have on Investment Casting? : Some have speculated that 3D printing will have a substantial impact on investment casting. The evidence says otherwise.
T. Mueller
When to Choose Investment Casting: Investment castings can be produced in all alloys from a fraction of an ounce for parts such as orthodontic braces, to more than 1,000 lbs. (453.6 kg) for complex aircraft engine parts.
An MCDP Staff Report
5 Steps to Identify Casting Defects: Inside your casting supplier’s plan to assure their product meets the highest standards of quality.
S. Kannan, A. Pathak, T. Cobett
Aluminum 351 Can Take The Heat, Study Says: A study on cast aluminum 351 for cylinder heads determined the alloy has improved tensile strength and creep resistance over more common alloys while exhibiting good castability.
Q. Wang, D. Hess, X. Yan, F. Caron
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