July/August 2021

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Losing Your Breath With Bronze: A high-end hi-fi entrepreneur embarked on a 10-year design, casting and manufacturing expedition to achieve a new pinnacle of music enjoyment.
K. Phelan
From Concept to Sales in a Flash: Designing for Additive Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing is a modern way to achieve the time-tested results of traditional casting with faster speed-to-market and more complex, high-value designs.
B. Lamoncha and K. Rogers
10 Questions to Set Up a Successful Permanent Mold Order: Knowing the answers will help your team source castings from this complex manufacturing process with speed and confidence.
T. Weber and T. Bovard
Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves: A recent study explored how to improve cast surface-alloying to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to less expensive, common industrial materials.
K. Rane, M. Beining, S. Behera, A. Kordijazi, A. Kumar, and P. Rohatgi
EDITORIAL: Key Resources for Casting Buyers and Designers
D. Kurkul
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Be Careful With Dollar-Per-Pound Analysis
D. Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: Smart Design Clamps Down Savings
J. Shah
SOURCING STRATEGIES : You Don't Have to Be Monet
K. Phelan
RESHORING UPDATE: The Benefits of Localization
H. Moser
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