September-October 2013

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Innovating Planting for Better Crop Yield: A cast ductile iron conversion enabled a new planter to improve seed placement accuracy while operating at faster speeds.
S. Wetzel
MEDIA RESOURCE: The Kinze Planter
Cast Iron Machinability: The effect of aging on material properties determines the optimal machining time.
S. Lekakh and V. Richards
Heavy Castings in High Science: Two mammoth projects from Midwestern metalcasting facilities aid research into the nature of the universe.
N. Leider
Metal Castings in Mining: A heavyweight global industry uses many heavy duty components.
D. Kapel
MEDIA RESOURCE: Mining Machinery in Action
Testing1-2-3: Investigating the Machinability of Aluminum-Silicon Cast Alloys,: A series of drilling tests highlights how microstructural difference can affect machinability and tool wear.
A MCDP Staff Report
ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article
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