July-August 2016

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Casting A Solution For Football?: Zuti Facemasks and Acra Cast are producing a new face mask for football helmets that looks cool and might help the sport reduce concussions.
B. Sandalow
Team Win: Casting An Achievement for Design, Coordination: The drive housing casting for the 9RX 4-Track John Deere tractor was a complicated process aided by teamwork.
B. Sandalow
10 Questions To Ask Your Casting Supplier: These basic questions can help casting buyers decide whether to send a request for a quote to a potential supplier
C. Witt, V. Popovski, T. Kayser
Industry Roadmap Gives Direction: A newly released document identifies the metalcasting industry's gaps in capabilities and identifies the tasks and outcomes required to fill them.
S. Wetzel
Aluminum Characteristics By Alloy: Aluminum casting alloys exhibit their own characteristics, and how they're used and which applications fit the best depends on many factors.
An MCDP Staff Report
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