September/October 2020

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EDITORIAL: Casting Design Solution
S. Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Why Do We Use Castings?
D. Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: Snowmobile Casting Gains Advantages Over Tubular Fabrication
J. Shah
NEXTGEN: Supply Chain Relationships
SOURCING STRATEGIES: Better Tooling, Better Profit
Long Day's Journey Into Right: A fall-protection system hinged on a hook that had to be light and super strong—after years of trial and error, what this persistent inventor wanted was a metalcasting “witch doctor.” What he got was metalcasting science at its best.
K. Phelan
Looking at Castings' Environmental Impact Across Their Life Cycles: Environmental regulators are beginning to look at the impact of a product’s life cycle on the auto industry’s carbon footprint, and the casting process could hold an advantage in life cycle calculations.
J. Lipshaw
10 Things to Know About Casting Copper Alloys: Versatile and cost effective, copper alloys open up many design choices for engineers.
Advancing 3D Printing for Metalcasting: While 3D sand printing has seen a drastic increase in use over the last five years, the technology is primarily used for small- to medium-scale prototypes and high-mix, low-volume tooling. As new technologies are developed, the speed and scale of printing is believed to increase exponentially. Two recent studies on 3D printing for metalcasting are shared.
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