January-February 2013

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Streamlining Nuclear Power: Converting to a single cast component lowered the total cost of ownership for a nuclear fuel assembly component.
S. Wetzel
Testing 1-2-3: Helium-Assisted Sand Casting: Can helium increase cooling rates to achieve a better casting microscructure?
MCDP Staff Report
U.S. Casting Supply Emerges from Recession: The 2013 U.S. forecast predicts dramatic growth through 2015.
MCDP Staff Report
46th Census of World Casting Production: World casting production resumed pre-2008 levels in 2011.
MCDP Staff Report
The Domestic Picture: MCDP breaks down U.S. casting industry numbers.
MCDP Staff Report
YouTube: ONLINE RESOURCE: video of Professor Walter Tschinkel making a metal casting out of a giant ant colony.
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