July/August 2019

July/August 2019
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EDITORIAL: Revisiting Metalcasting’s Fascinating History
D. Kurkul
DESIGN DETAILS: Extrusion Assembly Redesigned as Casting Reduces Weight, Cost
J. Shah
RESHORING 101: Record Number of Companies Report New Reshoring in 2018; Strongest in Casting Intense Industries
H. Moser
CASTINGS IN ACTION: Copper Casting Crucial to Particle Accelerator
IN A WORLD WITHOUT CASTINGS: Would Your Motorcycle Have Its Speed?
CASTING INNOVATIONS: Conversion to Ductile Iron Saves Over 30%
SHAKEOUT: Cast “Rabbit” Purchased for Over $90 Million at Auction
Factors in Prototype Tooling: Foundries and pattern shops are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to delivering prototype castings in a timely manner, and much of it comes down to the tooling.
S. Wetzel
3 Ways Vehicles Are Reducing Weight: Ford and General Motors worked with their casting suppliers to reduce vehicle weight with a variety of methods, from replacing material to switching processes.
An MCDP Staff Report
Designing Aluminum Permanent Mold Castings: There are many considerations for designers when using permanent mold casting, which can achieve tight tolerances, high mechanical properties and superior surface finishes.
An MCDP Staff Report
Calculating When Printed Patterns are Feasible for Production: In a study, 15 cast parts and patterns were analyzed to determine general baselines for when printed patterns are cost-effective and time-effective compared to traditional tooling.
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