July/August 2023

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Faster, Further, Together: Here’s the tale of a manufacturer, a foundry, and a 3D-printing expert who collaborated and achieved a casting conversion in just seven weeks.
Kim Phelan
Evaluation of Two New Cast Aluminum Alloys for High Performance Cylinder Heads: The alloys showed an increase in high temperature tensile properties, but similar fatigue strength performance to one of today’s common cylinder head alloys.
Qigui Wang, Andrew Bobel, Mike Walker, Devin Hess, Herb Doty, and Dale Gerard
Cutting Lead Times by Converting to Casting: Supply chain constraints might have you looking for ways to streamline production. These OEMs have found success by consolidating parts into single castings.
Shannon Wetzel
EDITORIAL: Leveraging Casting to Address Labor Shortages
Shannon Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Casting Defects Basics: Shrinkage
David Charbauski
RESHORING UPDATE: Reshoring “Gold Rush” Outpaces Previous Record Highs
Harry Moser
DESIGNER'S EDGE: Tooling for Investment Casting
AJ Menefee
DESIGN DETAILS: Precise Dimensional Accuracy Via Nobake Casting
Jiten Shah
DESIGNER'S SKETCHPAD: Understanding Heat Flow and Cooling Rates
BEFORE AND AFTER: Reducing the Labor Bottleneck
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