May-June 2017

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Editorial: The Industry Wins
S. Wetzel
Design Details: Feature Location Key in Casting Quality, Cost
J. Shaw
By The Law: Made in the USA
D. Resser
Casting of the Year: Aerospace Seatback Frame by Aristo-Cast Inc.: The lattice-like design removes unnecessary material while meeting load requirements for a lightweight seat frame that could save the aircraft industry millions of dollars.
S. Wetzel
The Many Dimensions of 3-D Printing: 3-D printing has applications in many parts of the metalcasting industry and allows facilities and clients to achieve numerous different constructions and positive outcomes.
An MCDP Staff Report
Metalcasting Congress Gathers the Supply Chain to Milwaukee: Attendees from suppliers, metalcasters and end-users convened in Wisconsin for the industry's biggest annual event.
An MCDP Staff Report
The Future of Metalcasting Through New Ideas & Innovation: A sampling of presentations from the AFS Metalcasting Congress in Milwaukee shows how the industry is striving to provide better, more cost-effective components for its customers.
An MCDP Staff Report
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