September/October 2021

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Beauty at Your Feet: Meet the Pacific Northwest company that specializes in delighting the public with aesthetic experiences where they’re least expected. Creators of ornamental drain grates and more, Iron Age Designs has poured a foundation in partnerships cultivated through its AFS membership.
K. Phelan
Specifying Copper Castings: Casting purchasing agreements typically direct the expectations and limits for the cast product according to six basic criteria.
A Primer on Metalcasting: New to buying castings? This overview of tooling and patterns will kickstart your understanding of an important piece of
casting budgeting.
Thin-Walled Ductile Iron With Lost Foam and Nobake Casting: A proof of concept project for the U.S. Department of Energy indicates the feasibility of casting ductile iron parts with walls as thin as 1 mm.
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Understanding Materials for Pattern Construction
D. Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: Modern Method Restores Vintage Part
J. Shah
NEXT GEN: Manufacturing Program Equips a Jobs-Ready Generation
K. Phelan
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