September/October 2023

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LIGHT BIKE: How four college students, their engineering professor, and a foundry specializing in the unique worked together to develop the prototype for a magnesium bike frame casting.
Kim Phelan
Ductile Iron Advancements for Reducing Weight: Recent foundry industry studies have explored ways to achieve lighter castings in iron.
Casting Source Staff Report
Scaling Back Heat Treatment of Aluminum 319: Optimizing thermal processing of sand castings to meet mechanical requirements in less time can reduce costs and CO2 footprint.
Robert Mackay & Glenn Byczynski
Building Partnership Into Every Part: Sourcing castings is different from the procurement of ordinary manufacturing commodities—but choosing the right foundry for a specific casting’s requirements is just the beginning. At Oshkosh, embracing the foundry’s expertise early in the design phase is a top priority.
Kim Phelan
EDITORIAL: Training Resources for Casting Buyers and Designers
Shannon Wetzel
INDUSTRY INSIDER: Casting Defect Basics: Gas and Inclusions
Dave Charbauski
DESIGN DETAILS: 3D Printing Achieves Contoured Surface of Propeller
Jiten Shah
BEFORE & AFTER: Investment Casting Wins Over Extrusion, Weldment
DESIGNER'S SKETCHPAD: Designing for 3D Molds
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