Columns: Sourcing strategies

Kim Phelan
May 23, 2022

The calendar says it’s Q2 of ’22, but who knows what the halftime show of a post-pandemic, 
supply-chain-healing playing field could dish out. 

Benjamin Leonard
January 17, 2022

Customers will at times ask why manufacturing facilities are shut down. Let’s face it: We live in an “I want the product, and I want it NOW world,” and no one wants to hear about a shutdown.

Bob Baird
November 16, 2021

Many automotive OEMS and others have committed to dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.

Rich Jefferson
June 2, 2020

Besides the crises of an economic shutdown that is being both applauded and derided, depending on who is talking, and which will pass, what things have profound influence on your company’s manufact