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Doug Kurkul
March 22, 2022

During the early to mid 2000s, there was a seemingly inexorable shift toward procuring parts from low-wage Asian countries. In the years after the 2007-2009 recession, U.S.

Shannon Wetzel
January 17, 2022

When I first began covering metalcasting in 2005, I was fascinated with the wide range and variety of properties that different metals and their alloys exhibit, even within the same alloy family.

Doug Kurkul, CEO of AFS
July 21, 2021

This month we are devoting this column to a discussion of resources available to buyers and designers of castings.

Shannon Wetzel
May 19, 2021

Are you in a healthy relationship? This is a common article topic in lifestyle magazines. But for Casting Source, I’m wondering about your relationship with your casting supplier.